Sony PlayStation ONEchip Modchip Install Guide

Sony PlayStation (PSone) SCPH-102 PM-41 ONEchip Solder Map

This install includes stealth and NTSC boot fix for loading NTSC games due to the PAL PSone’s extra BIOS region protection.


  1. VCC (+3.3V)
  2. XLAT/ from mechacon (indicates a command has been sent from sub-MCU to CD DSP)
  3. D2 on boot ROM (used for region patch)
  4. A18 on boot ROM (used for region patch)
  5. WFCK from CD DSP (reference signal for SCEx injection)
  6. Data out to tracking circuit (carries the injected SCEx signal)
  7. CD door switch (low when CD cover open)
  8. Ground

Keep wire 6 as short as possible.

Keep all wires away from IC723.