Atari Jaguar 60Hz Video Switch Mod Install Guide

Work in progress.

This guide will show you how to region mod your Atari Jaguar games console to enjoy games in both 50 and 60 hertz.

The process is very simple and only requires the removal of one zero ohm bridge resistor. Once removed the two resistor solder pads need wiring to the two terminals of an SPST switch. The switch can then be mounted to the Jaguar case.

How does the mod work? With the resistor in place the console is hard set to 50Hz because Pin ? of the ??? chip is connected to ???. When the resistor is removed the consoles is hard set to 60Hz because Pin ? of the ??? chip is now set to ???. Putting an SPST switch in place of the zero ohm resistor and switching to the on position is the same as having the resistor in place. When switched to the off position it is like the resistor has been removed. The switch has complete control over the video rate of the console.

Is this mod required? The Atari Jaguar is not a “region locked” console in that it can play games from all regions natively. However, the consoles are locked to the video rate of the specific region of release. This will be 60Hz for NTSC regions such as Japan and North America and 50Hz for PAL regions such as Europe. When playing games in 50Hz most will be playing much slower than intended and with a distorted aspect ratio making the graphics look squished. Most games were designed for 60Hz with only a few exceptions. In order to play the games as intended this mod is required.

Atari Jaguar Region Mod Solder Map