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Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions about anything on this page, please contact me.

Last Updated: 14-October-2019.

Shipping Your Console to Me

If you purchase an install service you will be required to send your console to me. You are liable for the loss or damage of a package that is coming to me. Please see the Shipping Info page for details on how to box up your console so it is protected during shipping.

Shipping Your Console Back to You

On completion of the install service work, I will send your console back to you. I am liable for the loss or damage of a package that is being returned to you. Please see the Shipping Info page for available shipping services and prices.

Order Cancellation

If you change your mind about your order you can cancel it at any time before it has been dispatched. Payment will be refunded after the request is made.


If you have received your order and wish to cancel, you can do this up to 30 days starting from the day after receiving your order. Refunds will be made upon receiving the order back. If the order has been damaged or unnecessarily tampered with by you, so that it is in unsellable condition, there will only be a partial refund or full return of the order back to you. You are responsible for return shipping costs.


I will cover my install service work for up to 6 months and mod kits up to 3 month. If you believe my install service work or mod kit has developed a fault, please contact me. I will be responsible for the cost of return shipping if it is deemed the fault is from poor workmanship or component failure. In this event, you have the option of a replacement mod kit, a repair of the faulty install service, or a full refund. If there is no fault, you will be responsible for all shipping costs. If it is deemed the fault is due to improper handling by you, the warranty will be null and void and you will be responsible for all shipping costs.

Damage Liability

All my mod kits have been fully tested and function for their intended use. I am not responsible for any damage to your console or equipment that comes from improper preparation and installation of my mod kits, or from the use of my install guides. All risks associated with you modifying your consoles are entirely your responsibility.