Sega Genesis 3 Switchless Region Mod Install Guide

This guide will show how to install a switchless region & in-game-reset mod into a Sega Genesis 3 games console. It will cover both VA1 and VA2 Genesis 3 consoles.

Solder Maps

Sega Genesis 3 – NTSC-U / VA1 / 171-7545C / 1998

SEGA 315-5960

Video Refresh Rate 44GND = 50Hz
+5V = 60Hz
Language615V = English
GND = Japanese
Controller C6 64
Controller C969
Reset Line

Sega Genesis 3 – NTSC-U / PC BD MD3 VA2 / 171-6752D / 1998

SEGA 315-6123

Language1975V = English
GND = Japanese
Video Refresh Rate200GND = 50Hz
+5V = 60Hz
Controller C6 61
Controller C9 66
Reset Line79


  • The reset line cut has not been tested. It could be either before or after the resistor. Please progress with caution. VA1 is almost identical to a Mega Drive 2 VA4 region mod, in which case the reset cut should be correct as it is confirmed working on a MD2 VA4. The Genesis 3 VA2 will need testing to confirm.
  • Genesis 3 VA2 controller point C9 can be done on the top side. The small resistor (R52) next to the EM components.