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New Release Sony PlayStation X-Reset 750X Quick Solder Flex PCB Mod

The original and world's best PlayStation reset mod gets a new addition.

The X-Reset 750X Quick Solder Flex PCB reset mod for PU-22 SCPH-750X revision Sony PlayStation consoles.

This design follows my original wiring diagrams for the reset mod but removes the need for using wires which makes the install more reliable, quicker to do, cleaner, and more aesthetically pleasing. You also don't need to remove unnecessary parts of the console or have wires permanently connecting parts of a console that should not be permanently connected.

New Release Sega Master System 2 FM Sound Module Adapter

New mod released for the Sega Master System model 2. The FM Sound Module Adapter.

The Japanese Sega Master System is capable of playing back both the PSG (Programmable Sound Generator) and FM (Frequency Modulation) audio that is programmed into some games because the consoles contains both the SN76489 PSG chip and the YM2413 FM chip. US and European consoles only contain the PSG chip which means they can not play back the FM audio.

New Release Sega 32X Auto Hertz Switchless Region Mod Quick Solder Boards

Today I release my auto hertz switchless region quick solder board mod kits for the Sega 32X.

I have been the only seller of 32X auto region mods since I made the first boarded version of Ikari_01's auto region code that was released in 2012. There was very little interest in this mod for a long time and it went relatively unknown outside of a few specific modding forums until I brought it to wider attention with my very simple but perfectly formed mod kit released in 2019.

Now I have evolved this design to what I consider its final form.

How to set up an SD Card with Rmenu for Rhea / Phoebe Sega Saturn ODE

Rhea and Phoebe are Optical Drive Emulators for the Sega Saturn. They replace the optical disc drive with an SD Card reader which allows the loading of game images. Rhea and Phoebe do not come with a menu to load games, instead the devices rely on a button which when pressed cycles through the games one by one. Luckily a menu was created by a third party to allow a more straight forward way of selecting a game image. This guide will show how to set up an SD Card with game images and install the RMenu interface.

1. SD Card Formatting

Format the SD Card with a good Fat32 Formatter. Some formatters have been found to not detect some special hidden windows partitions. MiniAide Fat32 Formatter Home Edition is a good choice. Do not use windows built in formatter.