Nintendo GameCube Region Free Mod Install Guide

This guide will show you how to make your Nintendo GameCube region free using the Xeno mod kit. It will focus on using the wired method of install which is much less risky than a direct install and recommended for beginners and people without too much soldering experience. The guide will also go through calibrating the drive and the best way to burn and run software.

Xeno / Xen8 Drivechip Pinout

Coming soon.

Solder Map

Wire Install vs Direct Install

If you are a beginner at soldering it is highly recommended to do a wire install. There are no rewards for attempting or doing a direct install. I have had numerous emails about my mod chips that supposedly don’t work. Customers have attempted direct installs into multiple different consoles and become convinced the problem is the chip. After they finally concede and do a wire install everything miraculously works. Why is this? because you have much more control of the install. A direct install can hide bridges and gunk that can cause shorts. A wire install is for people who want clarity in their work. A wire install is better for correcting any problems and is less likely to destroy the solder points when removed.

Calibrating the Drive

Details soon.

Burning Discs

Details soon.