Sega Saturn VA1 Switchless Region Mod Install Guide

This guide will show you how to install a switchless region mod into a VA1 Sega Saturn console to make it multi-region with independent 50/60Hz video switching.

Mod Pinout

Solder Map

Sega Saturn – 837-11892-01 / 171-7069B / VA1 / PAL

Region & Video Rate Jumpers

VA1 PAL Jumpers

Remove component:

  • R29 (JP2) – Common to Ground

Cut trace:

  • JP7 – Common to Ground
  • JP10 – Common to +5V
  • JP12 – Common to +5V

50/60Hz Video Rate Switching

On the VA1 Saturn, JP1/JP2, VDP2 Pin 79, and PLL Pin 1 are all connected together.

If just doing a simple region mod without a DFO, PLL Pin 1 will need isolating from the video rate switching. This can be done by cutting the trace just in front of PLL Pin 1, or by lifting PLL Pin 1.


To change the system between 50 and 60 hertz this will need a switching connection as is standard when this mod is installed.


This will need a permanent connection to Ground for PAL systems, +5V for NTSC systems, or a switching connection for consoles with a DFO.

For PAL consoles the pin can be lifted or the trace cut and the pin will internally ground itself. For NTSC systems the pin will need lifting and wiring to +5V. If using a DFO pin 1 needs to remain connected to the whole video system.

Mod Connections

JP1/VID Pad/Pin to the via next to VDP2 PIN 79, VDP2 PIN 79 itself, or to the common pair of JP1/2.

JP6 Pad/Pin to the SEGA 315-5744 PIN 5.

JP10 Pad/Pin to the SEGA 315-5744 PIN 7 or to the common pair of JP10/11.

JP12 Pad/Pin to the SEGA 315-5744 PIN 8 or to the common pair of JP12/13.