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COVID-19: Mod kits to UK addresses can be posted with a second class large letter stamp via a post box so there is no restrictions or delays for me to post these. Install services and international orders need to be taken to the post office and might be affected by movement restrictions in the UK and potentially have three weeks of delay from 23rd March 2020. I am really not sure. Thanks


Consoles Unleashed is an old-school console modding service based in the UK. I offer a range of console modding install services and mod kits.

I pride myself on my attention to detail and mod each console as if it was my own using the highest quality named brand components from reliable distributors. Never bulk bought low quality or counterfeit components.

This is just a small operation run by only one person (my name is Jo - photo coming soon, possibly, do you really want to see one?). I built and maintain this website, I walk to the post office, I answer the emails, and I build the kits and mod the consoles. There is no larger organisation, no games shop, no IT consultancy firm, no PC repair shop, just console modding.

Website Setup

The plan for this website is to be a helpful guide and reference where I share my love of console modding and help others starting on their journey. If I can do it, there is no reason you can't. Each available mod install service will be accompanied by an equivalent mod kit, guide and video so you have the option of having me do your mod or doing it yourself. Each product page will have a section for Related Products, Related Videos and Related Install Guides. These are not randomly generated, they are really there to help you get all the information you need to decide if you want to do the mod your self or have me install for you.

Eventually, all these half done, confusing and contradicting install guides scattered around the internet, that none of the more established console modders can be bothered to update or answer questions about on forums, will be rectified and clarified and available in a concise and informative way on this website. Sharing information and helping others, benefits us all.

I do not monetise my YouTube channel, have adverts on this website, or ask you to become a patreon. I charge a fair price for my modding service and kits. Making install guides is time consuming so if you like the guides and videos and find them useful and want to show your appreciation, buying a mod kit or service and liking and sharing me on social media are both very helpful.

Console Modding

I offer console modding install services to UK and mainland Europe. Please check the product page for available delivery locations. The prices are inclusive of return postage to UK only. European shipping will be added at checkout. I do not currently sell pre-modded systems. Once I am more established, this is something I might eventually offer. All mod work is done ESD safe.

Mod Kits

I make a range of robust, high quality mod kits from both open-source and my own PCB designs. I am also working towards adding more kits with more features as well as looking at ways to improve what is currently available. All mod kits are hand made and I burn and verify each chip myself. All programmed chips are handled ESD safe, pressed into ESD safe foam, sealed in anti-static bags and posted out in Jiffy Airkraft padded envelopes.

About Me

I have been a lover of gaming since I was a child and as a teenager I was a massive Sega fan (still am). As an adult I retained my love for these consoles but became very aware of their shortcomings that could only be rectified by having them modded. So I started learning how to solder and quickly became proficient. Not before long, this interest in console modding had turned into an obsession and I decided to share my journey with others.

I would call myself an install technician. I have Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in technology which has some transferable skills with Electronic Engineering and allows me to do what I do which includes understanding technology and complex systems, some software development, soldering, modding, PCB design and problem solving. This has already been put to good use when I looked at the problem of the Mega Drive model 1 switchless mod LED installation and came up with a solution and board design that is pragmatic and simple for beginners to install. This is my goal for all the mods I sell.