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Shipping Prices

I am located in the UK and all items will ship direct from me. You will receive an email once shipped followed by a second email with tracking details if you choose a tracked shipping option. Standard or Signed shipping is not tracked.

Shipping prices include postage, ESD pouch, foam, protector cases, envelope, box, packing material, tape, and anything else used to ensure the kits and consoles arrive at their destination safely.

Mod kits are posted out in Jiffy Airkraft padded envelopes or cardboard boxes depending on type of kit or quantity.

United Kingdom

Products 2nd Standard 2nd Signed Special Courier ETA
Mod kits (<100g) £1.50 £2.70 £7   TBA
Install Service (Small Console)   £5.00 £11 £10 TBA
Install Service (Large Console)   £10   £10 TBA

Mainland Europe

Products Standard Tracked Courier ETA
Mod kits £3.50 £9.00   TBA
Install Service (Small Console)     £12 TBA
Install Service (Large Console)     TBA TBA

World Zone 1

Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Japan, Brazil.

Products Standard Tracked ETA
Mod kits £5 £10 TBA

World Zone 2

Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Singapore.

Products Standard Tracked ETA
Mod kits £5 £10 TBA

World Zone 3


Products Standard Tracked ETA
Mod kits £5 £10 TBA

More shipping destinations and services will be added very soon.

If you don't see your country listed or checkout prevents you from proceeding, please contact me.

Large Consoles

  • Sony PlayStation 2 (Excluding slim version)
  • Sega Saturn (All versions)
  • Sega Mega CD 1 and 2
  • Panasonic 3DO (All versions)
  • XBOX (All versions)

Boxing Up Consoles

A helpful guide and best practices for boxing up your console. Coming very soon.

Until I have the full guide up, here are a few tips.

  • Post consoles in boxes, not post bags or padded envelopes.
  • Fully wrap the console in bubblewrap and place this inside a box. Placing the console into a padded envelope before placing this inside a box is also good for extra protection, if it's a console that fits in one.
  • Do not leave any space inside a box for the console to move about. Fill any voids with scrunched up newspaper. Movement equals shocks and knocks.
  • The console should have equal padding on all sides to fill the box. Do not just put the console into a box and stick a load of packing material on top of it. The side with no padding is not protected from shocks.
  • Please do not tape up bubble wrap. If the console is wrapped in bubble wrap well and placed inside a box, the bubble wrap will not unravel on its own. Taped up bubble wrap is difficult to open and almost always results in the bubble wrap being destroyed.
  • Tape up the box with wide shipping tape. Using thin household "sellotape" is not adaquate. Do not go overboard with the tape. You do not need to make the box air-tight.
  • If you are sending only your mainboard (only for PlayStation mods) in a padded envelope, please make sure that you use lots of padding and possibly pieces of card to protect the delicate components. It is very easy to break off components during shipping and I am not responsible for this damage and may or may not be able to fix such damage.
  • Please do not send cables, controllers or add-ons with your consoles unless requested.
    • Mega CD 2 needs the extender base removing.
    • Mega CD 1 needs the metal plate on the bottom removing.
    • GameCube needs the GameBoy Player removing.
  • Please place the PSIO switchboard kit inside the PlayStation lid compartment.

I will reuse packing materials to send the console back, only adding extra if necessary. This is to keep prices low.