Sony PlayStation Mayumi v4 Modchip Install Guide

This install guide will show you how to make your Sony PlayStation region free by installing a Mayumi v4 PS1 modchip. These are mostly just neater versions of what have been available for a long time on the internet with no major changes. They offer the easiest install points for those with not much soldering experience.

Mayumi v4 Pinout

Sony PlayStation 10X PM-41 Mayumi v4 Solder Map

On the PSone revision of PlayStation there is no external reset button for the reset signal to change the mode of the Mayumi v4 modchip. For this reason it is wired to a voltage so the pin is not left floating.

Sony PlayStation 550X PU-18 Mayumi v4 Solder Map

Sony PlayStation 700X PU-20 Mayumi v4 Solder Map

Sony PlayStation 750X PU-22 Mayumi v4 Solder Map

Sony PlayStation 900X PU-23 Mayumi v4 Solder Map