Sega Master System Model 2 FM Sound Module Install Guide

This guide will show you how to install Tim Worthington’s FM Sound Module into a Sega Master System model 2 using the Consoles Unleashed FM Sound Module Adapter. You can purchase Tim Worthington’s Master System FM Sound Module from the following link

Solder Maps

Coming very soon.

Consoles Unleashed Switchless Region Mod FM Connections

Coming very soon.

Japanese Language Switching

Japanese language mode has been confirmed to work on the following consoles.

Model 2

Board Codes Region Japanese FM Mode
1990 IC BD M4 Jr VA1 837-7275 171-5926-A French RGB PAL Untested
1990 IC BD M4 Jr. PAL   171-5922A PAL Tested Working
1992 IC BD M4 Jr.PAL 2M   171-6395A PAL Untested