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Sega Master System Model 2 RGB Video Mod Install Guide


This guide will show you how to get RGB video out of the Sega Master System model 2 using only passive components. It will be compatible with all stock Master System or Mega Drive 2 cables depending on the output connector used.

Mod Pinouts

The mod is concerned with two ICs inside the Master System. The Video Display Processor and the RGB Encoder.

Sony CXA1145P RGB Encoder

  • Pin 23 for Red Video
  • Pin 22 for Green Video
  • Pin 21 for Blue Video
  • Pin 20 for Composite Video
  • Pin 10 for Composite Sync (Yes, from the C-SYNC IN pin)
  • Pin 9 for Mono Audio signal

SEGA 315-5246 Video Display Processor

Output Audio/Video Connector

There is a choice of two connectors to make it backwards compatile with Master System of Mega Drive 2 cables.

9-Pin Mini DIN (Through hole/Surface mount)

262 Degree "U-shape" 8-Pin DIN (Panel Mount version)

Solder Map