Sega Master System Model 2 Passive RGB Video Mod Kit


Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Passive RGB Board with full Audio & Video lines
  • 1 x AV Output Mount
  • 1 x AV Output Brace
  • 1 x High Quality 9-Pin Mini DIN (Not from Aliexpres/eBay)
  • 4 x Turret Posts


  • Adds native RGB video to the Master System 2 console
  • Uses the RGB encoder of the console
  • Robust, secure and easy to install AV output connector mount

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Passive RGB audio/video output mod kit for Sega Master System model 2. Comes with an easy to install mount and high quality 9-pin mini DIN. Perfect for those who just want to use the console’s native video output.

This mod simply adds back the components Sega removed from the Master System when designing the model 2. The output connector is a 9-pin mini DIN to be compatible with standard Mega Drive 2 SCART cables.

The design for the mount and brace assembly is an original design using a turret with a circular disc that fits into the brace and solders to both the mount and brace. It vastly improves upon older, similar designs. The PCBs have been purposely designed without ground planes to allow them to be held whilst soldering the turrets. The turret holes are not through plated which means that the whole assembly can be easily removed by simply de-soldering the protruding pins from the bottom of the Master System mainboard.

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Mod Kit

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Master System

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AV Connector, RGB Video

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