Sega Master System Model 2 Switchless Region Mod Kit


Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Sega Master System 2 Switchless Region Mod-board
  • 1 x 3mm Light Pipe
  • 1 x 9mm Power Slider 3mm Drill Template (1 per order)
  • 1 x 9.5mm Power Slider 3mm Drill Template (1 per order)


  • 50 & 60 hertz video rate switching for full screen, full speed gaming
  • Switchless support for Tim Worthington’s FM Sound Module
  • 4 extended regions. 50Hz / 60Hz / 60Hz+FM / & 60Hz+FM JPN Mode
  • Dual Frequency Oscillator support
  • Built in surface mount LED with light pipe
  • Drill template for perfect light pipe alignment


  • 1 x 3mm HSS Twist Drill Bit ( Link )

Tim Worthington’s Sega Master System FM Sound Module can be found here

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Sega Master System Model 2 Switchless Region Mod Kit

A beautifully simple yet feature packed switchless region mod for the Sega Master System model 2 games console.

50/60 Hertz Video Rate Switching

PAL games consoles output the audio and video in 50Hz, but most games were designed for NTSC consoles that output the signal in 60Hz. This has the unfortunate consequence of making the games run slow and in a distorted aspect ratio when played back on consoles designed for PAL TV systems. This is because the PAL standard has more lines of video which results in those extra lines being blank if a game was developed for the NTSC standard. This can be overcome by forcing the console to run in 60Hz mode which will make the games display as the developers intended, i.e., in the correct speed and aspect ratio. It is very fortunate that these early consoles can be switched so easily, it means you can get the best out of all games regardless of region and the standard it was designed for. The majority of Master System games are designed for 60Hz and need to be played in 60Hz.

FM Sound Module Control

If you want to run Tim Worthington’s FM sound module you usually have to install an On/Off switch by drilling a hole in the back of the console. With this region mod the FM sound module can be turned on and off via pushing the reset button. This feature is activated by closing the FM jumper to the Y position. In this mode there are four modes selectable via the reset button. Standard 50Hz (Red LED), Standard 60Hz (Green LED), 60Hz with FM sound activated (Yellow LED), and 60Hz with FM sound module & Japanese region activated (Yellow LED). The extra Japanese mode is required for games like Wonder Boy 3 which will only output FM sound when the console is set to the Japanese region.

Product Instructions

Mod-board Settings

The FM jumper on the region board is used to activate extra modes designed to switch on and off Tim Worthington’s FM Sound Module.

‘FM’ jumper’ set to ‘N’

If you are not using Tim Worthington’s FM Sound Module.

  • Mode 1 = Red LED – 50Hz
  • Mode 2 = Green LED – 60Hz

‘FM’ jumper’ set to ‘Y’

If you are using Tim Worthington’s FM Sound Module and the pads FM & JFM have been wired up to the corresponding pads.

  • Mode 1 = Red LED – 50Hz
  • Mode 2 = Green LED – 60Hz
  • Mode 3 = Yellow LED – 60Hz + FM Activated
  • Mode 4 = Yellow LED – 60Hz + FM & Japanese Region Activated*

*Japanese mode might not be possible on some Master System revisions. Additional wires might be needed. Still looking into this.


Additional information

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Mod Kit

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Master System

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50/60Hz, DFO Support, FM Sound Support, Language, LED, Multi-Region, Switchless Region

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