Sega Master System Model 2 AV Connector Breakout Mod Kit


Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x AV Breakout Board with full Audio & Video lines
  • 1 x AV Output Mount
  • 1 x AV Output Brace
  • 1 x High Quality Gold Plated 9-Pin Mini DIN (Not from Aliexpress/eBay)
  • 4 x Turret Posts


  • Adds a high quality Audio/Video output connector to the Master System 2 console
  • Robust, secure and easy to install AV output connector mount
  • Perfect for third-party RGB bypass amps

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Sega Master System Model 2 AV Connector Breakout Mod Kit

A simple but well engineered Audio/Video breakout connector for the Sega Master System model 2. It comes with an easy to install mount and high quality connector. It has no components so it is ideal to use with a third party RGB Bypass amp or to use for experimenting with different components or SCART cables.

It is the same as the passive mod but omits the components on the audio and composite video lines.

Requires a Sega Mega Drive 2 style SCART or composite video cable.


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Mod Kit

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Console Model

Master System

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AV Connector, RGB Video

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