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Sega Master System FM Sound Expansion Module by Tim Worthington


Mod kit Includes:

  • 1 x Tim Worthington Master System FM Sound Expansion Module


  • Adds support for FM sound as seen in Japanese Master System consoles

Compatible with Master System 1 as standard and Master System 2 using my SMS2 FM Sound Module Adapter

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Tim Worthington’s FM Sound Expansion Module adds back the FM sound that was removed from the western release of the Sega Master System.

It is compatible with both the model 1 and model 2 Sega Master System consoles.

Usually the sound module requires a switch mounted to the console via a drilled hole to turn on and off, but if paired with my Master System switchless region mods the FM Sound Expansion Module can be switched on and off using the console’s pause button.

Paired with both a switchless region mod and a dual pause mod, the module can be fully controlled with both the console and controller pause buttons including accessing the Japanese FM mode which is necessary to get FM from some games.

When paired with my switchless region mods, the console has four modes.

  • Mode 1 = Red LED – 50Hz
  • Mode 2 = Green LED – 60Hz
  • Mode 3 = Yellow LED – 60Hz + FM Activated
  • Mode 4 = Yellow LED – 60Hz + FM & Japanese Region Activated*

*Japanese mode might not be possible on some Master System revisions. Additional wires might be needed. Still looking into this.

Sega Master System Model 2 Compatibility

The FM Sound Module is fully compatible with the model 2 Master System, however the model 2 does not have an expansion port required to install the module. For this reason I created an adapter which adds back the expansion port and makes all the same connections as would be made on a model 1 Master System. The module adapter can be found in the Mod Kits section of this website or listed in the Related Products section below.

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Mod Kit

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Console Model

Master System

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FM Sound

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Tim Worthington


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