Sony PlayStation SIO-XS PSIO Switchboard Mod Kit


Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Sony PlayStation PSIO SIO-XS Switchboard


  • Highest quality, high tolerance components
  • Quick Solder Board for neater install

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SIO-X is an elegant PSIO switchboard designed by Voultar to make switchboard installs simpler and neater. It comes with the addition of an onboard modchip, Quick Solder Board design, and a number of other improvements over the standard PSIO switchboard.

What is SIO-XS?

SIO-X is one of the few mod kits designed by someone else that I wish I had designed. I kicked myself that I did not see this design opportunity after doing countless PSIO installs and designing many original mod kits. I think it is a great design, but for my own uses I prefer a separate modchip and switchboard. For this reason I decided to design the SIO-XS. SIO-XS simplifies Voultar’s design further by omitting the modchip and changing the layout a little. SIO-XS was designed from the ground up but is based entirely on Voultar’s work and SIO-X. So all credit to Voultar.

Why is it called SIO-XS?

SIO-XS for eXtra Small. SIO-XS for Sans, in that it is sans-modchip. SIO-XS in that it removes the ‘excess’ so it is just a PSIO switchboard.

SIO-XS is what I would have designed in an alternative universe if Voultar hadn’t designed it first, I would have probably called it something utilitarian like the PSIO QSB Switchboard. Yes, that’s a terrible name.

Product Instructions

Install Guide

Additional information

Product Type

Mod Kit

Console Make


Console Model


Mod Attribute

PSIO, Quick Solder Board, Switchboard

Designed by

Consoles Unleashed

Product Credits

Design & Build

  • Hand-made by Consoles Unleashed
  • SIO-X PCB design by Voultar
  • Schematic by Cybdyn Systems with additions by Voultar for SIO-X
  • SIO-XS PCB design by Consoles Unleashed and based entirely on Voultar’s work


SIO-X Switchboard OSH Park page –

Voultar’s OSH Park profile page –

Voultar’s official site –

Voultar’s Twitter –

SIO-XS Switchboard OSH Park page –


SIO-X © by <Voultar LLC>

SIO-X is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


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