Sony PlayStation Multi Frequency Oscillator Mod Kit


Please note. This kit has a longer build time/order processing time.

Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Sony PlayStation Multi Frequency Oscillator (MFO) mod-board


  • Correct master clock in both PAL/50Hz and NTSC/60Hz console mode
  • Correct colour subcarrier clock & RGB encoding for both PAL & NTSC

*Not needed in PU-8 and PU-18 revisions consoles.

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Sony PlayStation Multi Frequency Oscillator (MFO) Mod Kit

Just the same as a Dual Frequency Oscillator except for the inclusion of a second switching clock that provides the RGB Video Encoder subcarrier frequency. This is so console revisions PU-20 and PU-22 will output full colour over composite and RF video in all regions. The console in effect becomes a real PAL and real NTSC console. For those that have a PAL console and really want to play Silent Hill in 60Hz and not have the fog look like a horrible pixel mesh, this is the mod that will fix that. Dual format TV is needed.


A MFO is recommended for PU-20 and PU-22 revision consoles only.

A DFO is recommended for PU-8 and PU-18 revision consoles.

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Mod Kit

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Dual Frequency Oscillator, Multi Frequency Oscillator

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Consoles Unleashed, Skum

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