Sony PlayStation In-Game-Reset Mod Kit


Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x PlayStation In-Game-Reset Mod-board (PyroESP)


  • Controller button combination to reset console
  • Both long and short reset supported

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In-Game-Reset (IGR) Mod for PlayStation, PSone, X-Station & PSIO

In-Game-Reset (IGR) mod kit for Sony PlayStation allows you to reset the console from the comfort of your own seat using the controller. It has the most benefit when used with PSIO and X-Station as it allows reset via a controller combination to get back to the game select menu. It can also be installed into PSone consoles to add back the reset functionality.

The installation only requires soldering seven wires with no trace cuts or via mask removal.

Why do you need this mod?

The only way of getting back to the PSIO or X-Station game select menu is by getting up and using the console’s physical reset button. This could become a chore if you want to quickly test and browse games.

This mod allows you to remain seated and use controller button combinations to get back to the game menu. A must have mod for PSIO and X-Station and anyone that wants to rage quit a game.

Why buy your PlayStation in-game-reset mods from Consoles Unleashed?

I helped the development with suggestions and testing when the idea was first brought up on the PSIO forum. I was then the first person in the world to test and install PyroESP’s reset mod into all revisions of PlayStation, after which I created and donated the guides and install methods everyone now uses. I championed and promoted the mod since 2019, a year and half before others started selling the mod after all the hard work had been done. I am not a leech seller and always try to contribute and give back to the scene with help, guides, info and donations. My prices will always be the best and I will do my best to give customers a good deal if they need one. Buying from me will help me create more unique mod kits and guides as almost all the money goes directly back into the business. Unlike a lot of mod kit sellers, Consoles Unleashed is not a hobby to bolster a full-time job and generate extra pocket money, it is my sole source of income born from genuine passion. All kits are made with high quality branded parts, I don’t bulk buy the cheapest quality components to try generate the highest amount of profit. Don’t support leech sellers, profiteers, and those that don’t contribute in anyway to the modding world.

Product Instructions

Install Guide

Controller Combinations

Short Reset Pulse

  • Press & hold together: L2 + R2 + START + SELECT

This will reset back to the game select menu for PSIO and back to the previously loaded game for X-Station.

Long Reset Pulse

  • Press & hold controller buttons together: L2 + R2 + SELECT + CROSS
  • Press & hold light-gun buttons together: A + B + TRIGGER

This will reset back to the game select menu for X-Station & PSIO.

Additional information

Product Type

Mod Kit

Console Make


Console Model


Mod Attribute


Designed by


Coded by


Product Credits

Design & Build

  • Hand made by Consoles Unleashed
  • PCB design by PyroESP
  • Reset code by PyroESP


PyroESP’s PlayStation 1 Reset Mod project page at GitHub

PyroESP’s projects page


Code and PCB is used under the ‘Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International’ license


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