Sony PlayStation PSIO Switchboard Mod Kit


Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x PSIO Custom Switchboard


  • Allows use of both the internal optical drive and inserted PSIO cartridge
  • Perfect pad placement, conducive to neat wire runs
  • Updated online install guides
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The PSIO switchboard allows the console to seamlessly run from either the internal optical drive or from an inserted PSIO cartridge.

My own designed switchboards have perfect pad placement for the four main PlayStation revisions; PU-7/8, PU-18, PU-20 and PU-22, making installs much simpler and neater.

Each kit uses high quality Panasonic resistors, AVX capacitors and a Nexperia IC. Each one is hand made using quality solder and flux to ensure reliable operation.

If you need an extra PSIO switchboard for your Cybdyn Systems PSIO, you can’t go wrong with one of these. Although it has been superseded by my PSIO-XS mod kit.

Additional information

Product Type

Mod Kit

Console Make


Console Model


Mod Kit Variant

SCPH-100X / PU-8, SCPH-55XX / PU-18, SCPH-700X / PU-20, SCPH-750X / PU-22

Mod Attribute

PSIO, Switchboard

Designed by

Consoles Unleashed


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Product Credits

Design & Build

  • PCB Design by Consoles Unleashed
  • Hand-Made by Consoles Unleashed
  • Schematic by Cybdyn Systems


Cybdyn Systems official switchboard information


You can download the PCB gerber files or have them manufactured to build yourself at