Sega Saturn

Audio/Video Output Connector

Pin Signal
1 Composite Sync (NTSC) / +9V (PAL)
2 Left Audio
3 Right Audio
4 +5V
5 Red Video
6 Green video
7 Blue Video
8 Composite Video (CVBS)
9 S-Video Y (Luma)
10 S-Video C (Chroma)
11 Ground

Controller Port Pinout

Pin Function
1 +5V (Out)
2 Data 1
3 Data 0
4 Select 0
5 Select 1
6 +5V (In)
7 Data 3
8 Data 2
9 Ground

Region Jumpers

The region jumpers control the region of the Saturn by being connected to ground or supplied 5V in various ways and then feeding this connection to the SEGA 315-5744 chip via the common pads. The region is permanently set on the Saturn mainboard but can be easily overridden by altering the jumper connections.

The jumpers are usually in pairs JP1/JP2, JP6/JP7, JP10/JP11, JP12/JP13.

The jumper pairs share common pads that are connected by a thin trace. They will then have two adjacent pads, one is a ground point and the other is a 5V supply. Only 1 of these adjacent pads will be connected to the common pair.

The common pads are connected to the SEGA 315-5744 chip. Pins 5, 7, 8, and 9.

The below table shows which connections the common pads require to make the console a certain region.

  Video Rate Region
  VDP2 PIN 79 SEGA 315-5744 PIN 5 SEGA 315-5744 PIN 7 SEGA 315-5744 PIN 8 SEGA 315-5744 PIN 9
  JP1/2 Common JP6/7 Common JP8/9 Common JP10/11 Common JP12/13 Common
  JP1 (+5V) JP2 (GND) JP6 (+5V) JP7 (GND) JP8 (+5V) JP9 (GND) JP10 (+5V) JP11 (GND) JP12 (+5V) JP13 (GND)
Japan Tick   Tick     Tick   Tick   Tick
North America Tick     Tick   Tick Tick     Tick
Europe   Tick   Tick   Tick Tick   Tick  

Video Rate Switching

JP1 and JP2 control the video rate of the console. JP1 is a 5V supply and JP2 is a ground connection. When JP1 is connected to the common pair, the console will be in 60Hz mode. When JP2 is connected to the common pair, the console will be in 50Hz mode. The common pair is connected to PIN 79 of VDP2.