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As you will notice there is no stock on the website. I am going to have a two week break to try make some music. I will be back to start making kits and take installs on the 8th of November. Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone needing a kit or install. Two weeks will fly by. Cheers

Sega Mega CD II

Power Requirements

Plug Type Coaxial / Barrel Connector
Size 5.5mm Outer Diameter / 2.1mm Inner Diameter
Voltage 10V DC
Amperage 1.2A
Polarity Center Negative




3v Rechargeable ML2016

Capacitor Lists

Sega Mega CD Model 2

  • Motherboard Model Number: 171-6528C-A
Location Capacitance Voltage
C104 10uF 16V
C107 10uF 16V
C110 10uF 16V
C115 10uF 16V
C122 10uF 16V
C127 10uF 16V
C129 10uF 16V
C131 10uF 16V
C132 10uF 16V
C139 10uF 16V
C201 100uF 6.3V
C206 10uF 16V
C207 10uF 16V
C208 10uF 16V
C209 10uF 16V
C210 10uF 16V
C220 10uF 16V
C221 10uF 16V
C222 10uF 16V
C228 10uF 16V
C229 10uF 16V
C232 10uF 16V
C233 10uF 16V
C234 10uF 16V
C235 10uF 16V
C236 10uF 16V
C237 10uF 16V
C238 100uF 6.3V
C239 10uF 16V
C240 10uF 16V
C301 100uF 6.3V
C303 1000uF 6.3V
C305 330uF 16V
C306 100uF 6.3V
C400 0.47uF 50V
C401 100uF 6.3V
C413 10uF 16V