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Sega Mega Drive Model 2 Switchless Region Mod Install Service

Stock:  10
Price:  £30.00
Delivers To:  UK & Europe

Sega Mega Drive 2 Switchless Region & In-Game-Reset Mod Install Service

The Mega Drive 2 Switchless Region Mod lets you set the region of the console to Europe, North America or Japan, essentially between PAL and NTSC regions. This is done by changing the Video Refresh Rate to 50Hz or 60Hz and the Language to English or Japanese.

With the mod the console will be able to play games in their correct aspect ratio and speed and bypass the region protection of imported games.

The Mega Drive In-Game-Reset mod uses the controller combination START+A+B+C to reset the console or to cycle through the region modes.

The Mega Drive's reset button or START+A+B+C will cycle through the regions of the Mega Drive.

  • Setting 1 = Green LED – Europe/PAL – 50Hz/English
  • Setting 2 = Red LED – North America/NTSC – 60Hz/English
  • Setting 3 = Yellow LED – Japan/NTSC – 60Hz/Japanese

If you are running your PAL systems in 50Hz, you are really doing the games a great disservice. I consider these switchless mods necessary for PAL consoles.

*Note that this mod will require using the console's native RGB output via an RGB Scart cable. 60Hz regions will be black and white via composite output. RGB is recommended over all other video outputs because of its superior video quality.