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Sega Mega CD Model 2 Install Service


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Sega Mega CD 2 Region Free BIOS Install

The Sega Mega CD Region Free BIOS is a direct swap for the region locked BIOS chip inside a Sega Mega CD. It allows the Mega CD to dock with any region of Mega Drive and it bypasses the region protection of imported games.

When the BIOS option is selected there are further options for the region of the BIOS. The Mega CD can use any region of BIOS so if you prefer the Japanese boot animation and music you are free to choose.


  • Allows import games to run
  • Allows the Mega CD to work with any region of Mega Drive

Sega Mega CD 2 Capacitor Replacement

The capacitors in the Mega CD 2 are not known to degrade and corrode the surrounding IC legs and PCB traces like they do on a Mega CD model 1, but it is probably a good idea to replace them so the console will work at optimal level for years to come. I only use high quality Japanese capacitors of the correct type and value.

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