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Sony PlayStation Install Service


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Sony PlayStation install service with options for X-Station, PSIO Switchboard, PS1 Digital, X-Reset In-Game-Reset, Dual Frequency Oscillator, and Region Free Mod-chips.

PSIO Optical Drive Emulator (ODE) Switchboard

PSIO is an SD Card reader for the first generation of Sony PlayStation. It is essentially a flashcart that plugs into the parallel port and allows the loading of games in the event that the disc drive has failed. In order for the PSIO to work, the installation of a switchboard is required. The switchboard routes signals inside the PlayStation so it can boot from either the CD drive or from the PSIO SD Card.

PSIO can be purchased from Cybdyn Systems. PSIO flash cartridge is not supplied with this install service.

X-Station Optical Drive Emulator (ODE)

X-Station is an optical disc emulator for the Sony PlayStation that replaces the entire optical disc drive with an SD card reader.

X-Station is not supplied with this install service.

X-Reset / In-Game-Reset (IGR)

In-Game-Reset mod kit for Sony PlayStation allows you to reset the console from the comfort of your own seat using the controller. It has the most benefit when used with PSIO and X-Station as it allows reset via a controller combination to get back to the game select menu.

To reset with the controller press L2+R2+START+SELECT for short reset and L2+R2+SELECT+CROSS for a long reset.

PS1 Digital HDMI Output

PS1 Digital adds an HDMI output to the console to allow direct connection to a modern TV to display its upscaled video output.

PS1 Digital is not supplied with this install service.

Dual Frequency Oscillator (DFO)

Dual Frequency Oscillator (DFO) is designed to switch the video refresh rate between more accurate and stable 50Hz and 60Hz as compared to running region modified consoles in non-native video refresh rates.

Region Free Plus

The PlayStation Region Free mod allows you to enjoy import games on your region locked PlayStation console. When the mod is installed, the console will be region free and able to bypass any region protection of imported games (unless it’s a Japanese PlayStation). If you own a PAL console it will allow the running of 60Hz NTSC games to avoid the aspect distortion and slow game speed of 50Hz games.

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