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Sega 32X Auto Hertz Switchless Region Mod Install

The 32X Auto Hertz Switchless Region Mod will force the 32X into the same region as any attached Mega Drive rendering it completely region free and able to run in both 50Hz and 60Hz video refresh rates for full screen and full speed gaming.

This is achieved by using a programmable chip that reads signals sent from the Mega Drive via the cartridge port to adapt the 32X video rate accordingly.

It really has the most benefit when combined with a region modded Mega Drive, however this is not required. The 32X will happily sync to the video rate of any attached Mega Drive.

If you have a 60Hz modded Mega Drive, this 32X mod is necessary to sync the video signals of the 32X and Mega Drive.

No special cables are required or the mono audio line from the Mega Drive output socket to control the 32X.


  • Multi Region Operation
  • Auto syncs the video rate to any attached Mega Drive/Genesis
  • Compatible with Mega Drive/Genesis switchless region mods
  • Forced 50 or 60 Hertz video output for full screen, full speed gaming

Sega 32X Capacitor Replacement

So far Sega 32X capacitors are still going strong and there are no records of corrosion or damage done by capacitors breaking down so for that reason I do not consider replacing the 32X capacitors as a necessity. It seems that Sega learnt their lesson after the Game Game and Mega CD and went back to using good quality capacitors again. However for peace of mind it can not hurt to have them replaced to ensure the console can last and be in top performing condition for years to come so the option is here for anyone that wants it. I use high quality capacitors of the correct type and value.

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