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COVID-19: Mod kits to UK addresses can be posted with a second class large letter stamp via a post box so there is no restrictions or delays for me to post these. Install services and international orders need to be taken to the post office and might be affected by movement restrictions in the UK and potentially have three weeks of delay from 23rd March 2020. I am really not sure. Thanks

Sony PlayStation Cybdyn Systems PSIO Switchboard Install Service

Sony PlayStation Cybdyn Systems PSIO Switchboard Install Service

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If you have bought a PSIO flash cartridge from Cybdyn Systems, I can install it for you. PSIO flash cartridge and switchboard are not supplied with this install service.

This install service includes;

  • PSIO Switchboard Install (PSIO and switchboard are not included)

PSIO features;

  • Flash cartridge that plugs into the parallel port
  • Runs your homebrew and backup games from full size SD Card
  • Built in menu system
  • Requires the installation of a switchboard
  • CD drive remains fully functional
  • PlayStation requires parallel port
  • Modchips not needed for or affected by PSIO

Product Tabbed Info


PSIO Switchboard

What is PSIO?

PSIO is an SD Card reader for the first generation of Sony PlayStation. It is essentially a flashcart that plugs into the parallel port and allows the loading of games in the event that the disc drive has failed.

What is the switchboard?

In order for the PSIO to work, the installation of a switchboard is required. The switchboard routes signals inside the PlayStation so it can boot from either the CD drive or from the PSIO SD Card.

How easy is the installation?

The installation requires a number of fine trace cuts, carefully removing solder mask to expose copper, and soldering to tiny points. I have done many of these installs now which include all board variations.

What is required for this install service?

You will ensure that you are sending a functional PlayStation. If you send a broken one, you will get a broken one back. You will be required to send in the switchboard and wire kit that you received with your PSIO along with your PlayStation console. Please ensure that your PlayStation has a Parallel I/O port. You do not need to send your PSIO, I have my own to test the install. You can also choose to remove your PlayStation mainboard from the console shell and send that to lessen the weight.

If you require me to repair your switchboard install, please contact me before purchasing.

Included in this install service

All PlayStations have their board and housing cleaned, input solder connections checked and repaired if necessary, and the final switchboard install is soak tested for at least an hour to ensure it is working reliably.

My installs have precision cut traces and clean solder mask removal from the vias, both done under magnification with a fine scalpel blade. I wire the switchboard with a combination of 28awg and 30awg solid core oxygen free, silver plated copper wire with genuine Kynar PVDF insulation.

Please note that I do not offer this service to counterfeit PSIO users. I require an official PSIO switchboard kit. I will also offer no help to installers of counterfeit hardware.


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Region Free Plus

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