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Sony PlayStation Cybdyn Systems PSIO Switchboard Install Service

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Price:  £28.00
Delivers To:  UK & Europe

Cybdyn Systems PSIO Switchboard Install Service

If you have already bought a Cybdyn Systems PSIO and need the switchboard installed, this is the service for you.

PSIO is an SD Card reader for the PlayStation which plugs into the back of most models of PlayStation 1.

In order for the PSIO to work, the installation of a switchboard is required. This switchboard switches the PlayStation to boot from either the CD drive or from the PSIO SD Card.

The installation requires a number of fine trace cuts, removing solder mask and soldering to sub 1mm vias.I have done many of these installs now which include all board variations.

You do not need to send your PSIO, I have my own to test the install. You will be required to send in the switchboard and wire that you received with your PSIO along with your PlayStation console. Please ensure that your PlayStation has a Parallel I/O port.

Purchase a PSIO from

For this install I use a combination of 28awg and 30awg solid core oxygen free, silver plated copper wire with PVDF genuine Kynar insulation. I use the 30awg wire to thread into the via holes before soldering for an extra reliable connection.

The vias are scraped of their solder mask with a fine scalpel blade under magnification to ensure the maximum area of the via is used for reliable soldering.

All PlayStations have their board and housing cleaned, input solder connections checked and repaired if necessary, and the final switchboard install is soak tested for at least an hour to ensure it is working reliably.

Please note that I do not offer this service to counterfeit PSIO users. I require an official PSIO switchboard kit. I will also offer no help to installers of counterfeit hardware.