Sega Mega Drive Model 2 Switchless Region, In-Game-Reset & Dual Frequency Oscillator Mod Kit

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Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Mega Drive 2 Switchless Region / In-Game-Reset / Dual Frequency Oscillator Mod-board
  • 1 x Surface Mount LED Board with Red(Yellow)Green LED


  • Multi-region (Region free)
  • Change region or reset using the control pad
  • 50/60Hz video rate selection for full speed, full screen gaming
  • English / Japanese language selection (dependent on game)
  • Pads for Mega CD MultiBIOS
  • Works with both active high and active low reset
  • Outputs accurate clocks for multi region systems

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A beautifully designed Sega Mega Drive 2 switchless multi region mod kit designed exclusively for the model 2 Mega Drive. It features a switchless region mod, controller button combination functions for reset and region change, a dual frequency oscillator clock mod, Mega CD MultiBIOS compatibility, and pad placement conducive to perfect wire runs and a clean install. Hand made using the highest quality Panasonic resistors, Vishay capacitors, and genuine Microchip & Texas Instruments ICs.

Compatible with Sega Mega Drive and Sega Genesis model 2 consoles.

Switchless Region Mod

The Mega Drive Model 2 Switchless Region Mod lets you set the region of the console to Europe, North America or Japan, essentially between PAL and NTSC regions. This is done by changing the Video Refresh Rate to 50Hz or 60Hz and the Language to English or Japanese.

When the mod is correctly installed, the console will run games in their correct aspect ratio and speed and bypass any region protection of imported games.

The reset button is used to cycle through the regions.

  • Setting 1 = Green LED – Europe/PAL – 50Hz/English
  • Setting 2 = Red LED – North America/NTSC – 60Hz/English
  • Setting 3 = Yellow LED – Japan/NTSC – 60Hz/Japanese

If you are running your PAL systems in 50Hz, you are really doing the games a great disservice. I consider these switchless mods necessary for PAL consoles.

In-Game-Reset Mod

The Mega Drive In-Game-Reset mod allows the console to be reset or the console region to be changed from the controller.

Holding A+B+C+START for 1.5 seconds will reset the console. Holding this combination longer will cycle through the regions.

Dual Frequency Oscillator Mod

Dual Frequency Oscillator (DFO) is designed to switch the video refresh rate between more accurate and stable 50Hz and 60Hz to match that of real NTSC and PAL consoles as compared to running region modified consoles in non-native video refresh rates.

On the Sega Mega Drive the DFO will also change the colour sub-carrier for forced region colour over composite and RF, but this requires a TV that has both PAL and NTSC colour modes.

LED Board

A convenient LED board is supplied with a three colour LED. This LED board simply sticks down at the position of the console’s native LED after removal. This means there is no bending LED pins or shaving down the LED light pipe. A far cleaner option.

*Note: to get full colour in both 50Hz and 60Hz using composite or RF video, the TV will need to support both PAL and NTSC video signals.

Additional information

Product Type

Mod Kit

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Console Model

Mega Drive

Mod Attribute

50/60Hz, BIOS Support, Dual Frequency Oscillator (DFO), In-Game-Reset, Language, LED Mount, Multi-Region, Switchless Region

Designed by

Consoles Unleashed

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Product Credits

Design and concept by Consoles Unleashed.

After I designed and made the world’s first combined switchless region and in-game-reset mod for Sega Mega Drive 1 & 2 in 2019, I came up with the concept of combining a Mega Drive switchless region and igr mod with a Dual Frequency Oscillator in 2020. I then designed the first version aimed at Model 1 Mega Drive. This was the world’s first commercial Mega Drive Region/IGR and DFO mod kit. I then started work on other models such as a Model 2 only version and a simplified model 1 version. None of these mods were based on mods designed by others. There was nothing like these on the market or on forums at this time.

1 review for Sega Mega Drive Model 2 Switchless Region, In-Game-Reset & Dual Frequency Oscillator Mod Kit

  1. RRB (verified owner)

    This is a really well designed and feature complete mod board.

    Easy to install, with all the solder points laid out in logical places. It makes for a very neat looking finished install.

    The built in DFO is where it shines though. Switching from either controller button combination or reset button to exact PAL or NTSC timings makes it very compatible with TVs and scalers that sometimes balk at the slightly off timing without it.

    The kit comes with ready made bi/tri colour LED board, complete with sticky pad. Super simple!

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