Sega Genesis 3 Function Restore Helper Board Mod Kit


Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Genesis 3 Function Restore Mod-board.


  • Easily add back the removed Genesis 3 functions
  • Versions for “VA1” and VA2.
  • They look sweet
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Sega Genesis 3 function restore helper boards are simple little things to help when adding back the removed functions to Genesis 3 consoles.

The Sega Genesis 3 “VA1” console motherboard requires soldering wires between the cartridge port and PCB which can be difficult to do well. The “VA1” helper board adds some tracks which can be flooded with solder to connect with the pin under the cartridge port. When installed correctly it provides convenient solder pads for the function wiring to be done cleanly.

The Sega Genesis 3 VA2 console motherboard just requires two wires to complete the function restore mod. The VA2 helper board is a complete quick solder board which just makes the function restore cleaner. It also provides two convenient pads for Triple Bypass wiring.


Product Instructions

Install guide is here

Additional information

Product Type

Mod Kit

Console Make


Console Model

Genesis 3, Mega Drive

Mod Attribute

Function Restore, Quick Solder Board

Designed by

Consoles Unleashed

Coded by

Not Applicable

Product Credits

Designed by Consoles Unleashed and given free to the community.

Download free at GitHub

Like 95% of my mod kits, this is not based on or influenced by any other design or mod kit seller. AN ORIGINAL IDEA BROUGHT INTO CREATION WITHOUT HURTING OR RIPPING OFF ANY OTHER MOD KIT SELLERS OR DESIGNERS. Imagine that. It’s really possible to invent new things in this scene.


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