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Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Install Service

Price: £19.00
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Region Free mod install service for Nintendo Entertainment System.


  • Make your NES completely region free
  • Disables the NES CIC Lockout Chip
  • Prevents blinking light
  • Includes full clean & refurbished of cartridge port

Product Tabbed Info


The NES CIC lockout chip prevents the system from running import games. Disabling this is a simple process of either breaking connections to the chip (destructive) or using wires to reroute signals (non-destructive). I offer this non-destructive wire method as a service. It's a simple mod but one that offers obvious benefits.

Whilst I have your console open I will also give it a thorough clean and ensure the 72-Pin Cartridge connector is working reliably.

This listing will soon be offering full NES capacitor replacement, RGB video install and IO board install.