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Sega Genesis 3 Function Restore Helper Boards

Introducing the Sega Genesis 3 function restore helper boards. These have been designed to make it easer and cleaner to restore the removed functions from Genesis 3 consoles.

What is Genesis 3 function restoring?

The Sega Genesis 3 does not have all the functionality present in the original Mega Drive 1 and 2. Things like 32X and Virtua Racing support were removed when simplifying the design of the Mega Drive. Luckily these can be easily restored by soldering in some wire to internally connect various parts of the console together.

There are two main revision of Genesis 3 console, “VA1” and VA2.

The Sega Genesis 3 “VA1” can have 32X, Sega Master System, Game Genie, and Virtua Racing restored. This requires 8 wires and soldering them between the cartridge port and motherboard which can be difficult.

The Sega Genesis 3 VA2 can have Game Genie and Virtua Racing restored and is a much simpler process of soldering in two wires.

The Genesis 3 function restore helper board for “VA1” helps with soldering between the cartridge port and the motherboard. Long solder pads which reach down to the cartridge port pins can be flooded with solder. This removes the difficulty of wiring between the cartridge port and motherboard. Wires will then have to be soldered to the easy to reach pads and then to the correct locations to restore the lost functions. This makes the process much quicker and cleaner.

The function restore helper board for VA2 is a single Quick Solder Board which provides all connections. It will speed up the process by removing the need to cut, strip and trim wires. One single PCB put in place and soldered down. Very simple. Two pads have been added to help when installing Triple Bypass mods which requires two audio lines from the cartridge port.

Future Work

A full no-wire flex PCB design for “VA1” that will extend from the cart port to all wiring destinations. This has been roughed out, but not owning a “VA1” means that the ability to finish the design is hindered. If you can donate a “VA1” Genesis 3 or sell me one, it will help a lot.

Install Guide


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