Surface Mount LED on Square PCB



  • 1 x RED(Yellow)Green LED on a PCB


  • Electromagnetic radiation at the visible light spectrum

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A very simple little thing. A dual LED on a square PCB which might be useful when region modding consoles.

As used in my Sega Mega Drive 2 switchless region mod kit and my Sega Saturn switchless region type 2 mod kit.

LED colours are Green at the L50 pad and Red at the L60 pad. I recommend the use of a 330ohm resistor on the red LED and a 150ohm resistor on the green LED. This will ensure that the combined illumination will be yellow.

Do not run power into the LED without resistors. Direct 5V will blow the LED.

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Weight 0.002 g
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Mod Kit

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LED, LED Mount

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Consoles Unleashed


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