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Super Nintendo Switchless Region SuperCIC, uIGR & D4 Patch Mod Kit


Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Super Nintendo Quick Solder Board (SuperCIC / uIGR (v2) / D4 Region Patch)
  • 1 x Kingbright 5mm Clear ‘Red (Yellow) Green’ LED


  • Multi-region / Region free
  • Selectable 50/60Hz
  • Run games full speed & full screen
  • Region change & reset with controller
  • D4 region patch prevents out of region notices

*This kit is for a 2-Chip Super Nintendo consoles and is not compatible with 1-chip without the use of a clock circuit or Dual Frequency Oscillator tailored to 1-chip consoles.

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Super Nintendo SuperCIC multi-region mod kit designed by Borti4938. This is a high quality mod kit uses Panasonic resistors, AVX capacitors and Nexperia and Microchip integrated circuits. All hand soldered by me. I also select the LED resistor values to match the LED and ensure three distinct colours when changing the mode. The quick solder board (QSB) solders directly to the underside of the cartridge port to make install a breeze. The board contains the following three mods.

Multi-Region SuperCIC

The Super Nintendo SuperCIC Switchless Region Mod is a multi-region replacement for the CIC Lockout chip found inside the Super Nintendo console. It lets you run games in their correct 50 or 60 hertz aspect ratio and speed and bypass any region protection of imported games.

The reset button is used to cycle through three settings:

  • Setting 1 = 50Hz (Green LED)
  • Setting 2 = 60Hz (Red LED)
  • Setting 3 = Auto Mode (Yellow LED)

If you are running your PAL systems in 50Hz, you are really doing the games a great disservice. I consider these switchless mods necessary for PAL consoles.

In-Game-Reset – uIGR (v2)

The uIGR (v2) mod lets you change the SuperCIC region and reset the console using controller button combinations.

D4 Region Patch

The region patch circuit will prevent any out of region notices when trying to load out of region games. Usually the correct region on a multi-region console will need selecting beforehand.

Additional information

Product Type

Mod Kit

Console Make


Console Model

Super Nintendo

Mod Attribute

50/60Hz, Auto Region, D4 Region Patch, DFO Support, In-Game-Reset, Multi-Region, Quick Solder Board, SuperCIC, Switchless Region, uIGR v2

Designed by


Coded by

Borti4938, Ikari_01

Product Credits

Design & Build

  • Hand made by Consoles Unleashed
  • SuperCIC code by Ikari_01
  • uIGR (v2) code by Borti4938
  • PCB design by Borti4938


Ikari_01’s SuperCIC home page

Borti4938’s uIGR (v2) project page at GitHub

Borti4938’s multi region PCB project page at GitHub


Codes (SuperCIC & uIGR) are used under the ‘GNU General Public License v2.0’

PCB design has been modified in a number of ways from the original licensed design:

  • Some traces have been moved in order to open up ground paths.
  • The 3-Chip PCB has been modified to include pads that can be used with 1-Chip consoles provided an additional clock circuit PCB is used. These include an additional Reset Out pad, Sub-carrier pad, and an additional PPU pad.
  • Moved a number of ground vias.
  • Added my manufacturing logo as proof of manufacturing to avoid warranty confusion for boards made by other people.



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