SNK Neo Geo Universe BIOS Mod Kit


Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Universe BIOS chip with UniBIOS v4.0 AES/MVS (free version)
  • 1 x High quality DIP socket


  • Change operation from MVS to AES
  • Change country region
  • DEBUG DIP’s and DEVELOPER mode
  • Cheat engine
  • …plus many more. Visit for a comprehensive list.

This item is sold with permission from the developer.

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Neo Geo Universe BIOS UniBIOS v4.0 Mod Kit

Universe BIOS (UniBIOS) is a replacement BIOS for the Neo Geo AES, MVS and CD systems created by Razoola ( ), which aims to add new features and enhancements to the Neo Geo.

This listing is for the ‘free version of Universe BIOS’ written to a new production EPROM. It is not an ‘official Universe BIOS with serial’.

This ‘free version’ does not entitle you to any support or free future upgrades from Razoola, only owning an ‘official Universe BIOS with serial’ will do this.

If you currently have an older ‘official Universe BIOS with serial’ bought direct from Razoola, it is necessary that you keep it safe when replacing it with a newer ‘free version’. That way your old ‘official Universe BIOS with serial’ will still be eligible for free future upgrades from Razoola.

The ‘free version’ and ‘official version with serial’ are functionally the same.

This item is sold with permission from the developer. Please only buy your UniBIOS from sellers listed at

Neo Geo AES

The EPROM chip is a direct replacement for AES consoles. Current version is v.4.0.

Neo Geo MVS

Most MVS systems will require an adapter or wiring to install the chip. It uses the same version as the AES console.

Neo Geo CD

CD systems will require an adapter or wiring to install. Current CD version is v3.3.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Product Type

Mod Kit

Console Make


Console Model

Neo Geo AES, Neo Geo CD


AES/MVS UniBIOS v4.0, CD UniBIOS v3.3

Mod Attribute

BIOS, Region Free, Universe BIOS

Designed by

Not Applicable

Coded by


Product Credits

Design & Build

  • Universe BIOS is created and developed by Razoola


  • Please visit and support the Universe BIOS project at


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