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Sony PlayStation Install Service

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Region free mod install service for the original Sony PlayStation.

This service includes;

  • 1 x Custom PlayStation mod-board (Mayumi / Stealth 2.8a / ONEChip)
  • Full install and testing


  • Region free gaming
  • Allows running 50Hz and 60Hz software for full screen, full speed gaming

Product Tabbed Info


Sony PlayStation Region Free Mod Install Service

The PlayStation Region Free mod allows you to enjoy import games on your region locked PlayStation console.

When the mod is correctly installed, the console will be region free and able to bypass any region protection of imported games (unless it's a Japanese PlayStation).

This also works as a 50/60Hz mod because playing NTSC games will force the PlayStation to run in 60Hz and playing PAL games will force the PlayStation to run in 50Hz.

The modchip can be written with any code to be compatible with any revision of PlayStation 1 console.

  • Stealth 2.8a for SCPH-100X
  • Mayumi v4 for SCPH-550X, SCPH-555X, SCPH-700X, SCPH-750X, SCPH-900X
  • ONEChip for SCPH-10X

Important Note

If you have a Japanese PlayStation, region protection can not be bypassed with a chip.

This install service is sold as a region free mod. I do not guarantee that your PlayStation will be able to read discs without skipping. There are many factors that determine how well your PlayStation can do this. CD Media, CD Burner. Burn Speed. Disc Image Quality. PlayStation Lens Condition and Calibration. If a game hits the black boot screen that shows either SCEE, SCEA, and SCEI, it means the chip has done its job and is working.

*Laser calibration will be added to this service at a later date.

Sony PlayStation In-Game-Reset Mod Install Service

In-Game-Reset mod for Sony PlayStation allows you to reset the console from the comfort of your own seat using the controller. It has the most benefit when used with PSIO as it allows you to get back to the PSIO menu and select a new game. The installation only requires soldering seven wires with no trace cuts or via mask removal.

To reset with the controller press START+SELECT+L2+R2.