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Sony PlayStation In-Game-Reset Mod Kit

Price: £8.00
Stock: 8

In-Game-Reset mod kit for the original Sony PlayStation.

This kit includes;

  • 1 x Custom PlayStation mod-board (In-Game-Reset)
  • Plus pre-attached adhesive pad
  • Plus online install instructions


  • Custom PCB Mod-board designed & coded by PyroESP
  • Lets you reset the PlayStation with the control pad
  • In-Game-Reset functionality, perfect for PSIO users

Product Tabbed Info


In-Game-Reset mod kit for Sony PlayStation allows you to reset the console from the comfort of your own seat using the controller. It has the most benefit when used with PSIO as it allows you to get back to the PSIO menu and select a new game. The installation only requires soldering seven wires with no trace cuts or via mask removal.

To reset with the controller press START+SELECT+L2+R2.