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29 November 2022 – Website Migration

As you can see I now have a new website. PhP7.4 has become obsolete and has been removed from the server by the hosting company and because my old Drupal site had a few modules that were not compatible with PhP8, I had to make a drastic decision. I have made the move from Drupal to WordPress. Some things are better, some things are worse. It will take some time before all the content returns and there will be a few quirks, especially with mobile views. Product and guide filters are missing because WordPress doesn’t have an easy way to make these. Those product filters really set my site apart from the rest. I will eventually figure out how to make them. So a few minus points from going from Drupal to WordPress. The positives are big though. Checkout and customer profiles are now much more professional with a few more payment options available. I can finally offer Google and Apple Pay. This move will probably kill my number one ranking in Google but it was a necessary move. Drupal Commerce was an unstable foundation that was always a concern to me. Working long hours getting this site back up and running. It’s not easy rebuilding an entire website from scratch.