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Sega Mega Drive In-Game-Reset Mod Kit

Price: £8.00
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Sega Mega Drive 1 & 2 In-Game-Reset Mod Kit

This kit includes;

  • 1 x Modchip (In-Game-Reset)
  • 1 x Vishay 0.1uf-50v X7R Ceramic Capacitor

This mod gives the user the ability to reset the console from the controller.

Holding A+B+C+START for 1.5 seconds will reset the console. Holding this combination longer will keep the reset engaged. This held reset will change the region of the console if there is a switchless region mod installed.

This mod is ideal for some everdrives that lack an In-Game-Reset function, as well as Master System and 32X games where the In-Game-Reset function does not work.

*Region change requires the installation of a Switchless Region Mod.