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Sega Mega CD Region Free MultiBIOS Mod Kit

Stock:  5
Price:  £15.00
Delivers To:  UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Japan.

Sega Mega CD Region Free MultiBIOS 3-in-1Chip

The kit comes with;

  • 1 x Region Free Universal MultiBIOS 3-in-1 Chip
  • 1 x DIP Socket

This Sega Mega CD Region Free MultiBIOS replaces the region locked BIOS chip inside a Sega Mega CD. It allows the Mega CD to dock with any region of Mega Drive and it bypasses the region protection of imported games.

Requires de-soldering the old BIOS chip, installing a socket, and fitting this BIOS into the socket, leaving out pins 38 and 39. Pins 38 and 39 will need wiring to the expansion port.

When correctly installed the Mega CD BIOS version will match the Mega Drive region. If you select European region on the Mega Drive the European Mega CD BIOS will load. USA region, USA BIOS, etc., including all the different BIOS screen animations and music. All BIOS files are also region free meaning it really doesn't matter which you load but this mod will allow those few tricky games which require a specific BIOS to be playable. It is 100% region free.

This MultiBIOS uses a universal BIOS order meaning it doesn't matter which Mega Drive switchless mod you have installed. As long as it is wired correctly for your switchless mod, the BIOS and console region will match.

*This mod requires that you have a switchless region mod installed into your Mega Drive. The switchless mod will need two signals wiring to the expansion port of the Mega Drive in order to select the BIOS that will load.

**Do not buy this if you only intend to use it as a standard BIOS replacement chip. I also sell the standard single region free BIOS in another listing.

***Please tell me your console revision when ordering. Mega CD 1 or Mega CD 2.