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Sega 32X Auto Hertz Switchless Region Mod Kit

Stock:  10
Price:  £8.00
Delivers To:  UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Japan.

Sega 32X Auto Hertz Switchless Region Mod Kit

The kit comes with;

  • 1 x Modchip (Auto Switchless Region)
  • 1 x Vishay 0.1uf-50v X7R Ceramic Capacitor

The 32X Auto Hertz Switchless Region Mod will force the 32X into the same region as any attached Mega Drive.

No special cables are required or the mono audio line from the Mega Drive output socket to control the 32X. This is achieved by a programmable chip that is installed into the 32X which reads the video refresh rate from the cartridge port and adapts the 32X accordingly.

It really has the most benefit when combined with a Mega Drive Switchless Region Mod, however this is not required. The 32X will happily sync to the video rate of any Mega Drive.

*If you have a 60Hz modded Mega Drive, this 32X mod is necessary to sync the video signals of the 32X and Mega Drive.