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Nintendo GameCube SD2SP2 MicroSD Card Reader

Nintendo GameCube SD2SP2 MicroSD Card Reader

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GameCube Kit Options: SD2SP2

Current version is green, rounded corners, and no silk screen text. it is much nicer now. Image coming soon.

Mod Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Updated SD2SP2 Micro SD Card Adapter


  • Exclusive upgraded SD2SP2 PCB design with increased reliability & better aesthetics
  • Highest quality branded components*
  • Genuine Molex SD card socket (not a Chinese counterfeit)*
  • High quality ENIG Immersion Gold pins
  • Micro SD card reader that plugs into the Serial Port 2
  • Can be read by Swiss & GC Loader as additional storage
  • Removes the hassle of memory card adapters like SD Gecko / WiiSD
  • Serial Port 2 door can be closed to secure SD2SP2
  • Requires some way of loading Swiss (Action Replay / Xeno / GC Loader / Exploit)

*Most are selling SD2SP2s that they bulk bought from china for less that £2 a piece in order to make a massive profit. They are using counterfeit SD card slots and cheap components with poor soldering.

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