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Nintendo GameCube SD2SP2 MicroSD Card Reader

Price: £8.00
Stock: 23

SD2SP2 Micro SD card reader for Nintendo GameCube.

  • Exclusive upgraded PCB design with increased reliability & better aesthetics
  • Highest quality branded components
  • Genuine Molex SD card socket, not an inferior counterfeit Chinese version
  • High quality ENIG Immersion Gold pins
  • Micro SD card reader that plugs into the Serial Port 2
  • Can be read by Swiss & GC Loader as additional storage
  • Removes the hassle of memory card adapters like SD Gecko / WiiSD
  • Serial Port 2 door can be closed to secure SD2SP2
  • Requires some way of loading Swiss (Action Replay / Xeno / GC Loader /  Exploit)

Product Tabbed Info


What is it?

This is a micro SD card adapter that plugs into the Serial Port 2 socket on the bottom of the Nintendo GameCube

What does it do?

It provides another storage solution for Swiss and GC Loader for saving settings or loading software.

Why do I need this?

This is currently the best way to load backups and homebrew on the Nintendo GameCube if you want to keep your DVD drive. It removes the hassle of using a memory card adapter such as SD Gecko or WiiSD. It also means your memory card sockets are free to use for memory.

What are the requirements?

If you are keeping your DVD drive, you will need a way to load Swiss in order to access the SD2SP2. The best way to achieve this is to install a Xeno chip into the GameCube's DVD drive and then burn the latest copy of Swiss to DVD. Once Swiss is loaded you are free to browse all attached storage devices, including SD2SP2. The combination of a Mini DVD-R copy of Swiss, Xeno modchip, and SD2SP2 is currently the best way to load software from SD card if you want to keep your DVD drive.