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New Release Sony PlayStation X-Reset 750X Quick Solder Flex PCB Mod

The original and world’s best PlayStation reset mod gets a new addition.

The X-Reset 750X Quick Solder Flex PCB reset mod for PU-22 SCPH-750X revision Sony PlayStation consoles.

This design follows my original wiring diagrams for the reset mod but removes the need for using wires which makes the install more reliable, quicker to do, cleaner, and more aesthetically pleasing. You also don’t need to remove unnecessary parts of the console or have wires permanently connecting parts of a console that should not be permanently connected.

This brings the X-Reset line of mod kits to three versions to perfectly compliment an X-Station or PSIO install.

  • X-Reset 100X single wire quick solder board for PU-8
  • X-Reset 550X no wire quick solder board for PU-18
  • X-Reset 750X no wire quick solder flex PCB for PU-22


You thread the flex PCB through a small hole to the topside of the PlayStation motherboard and solder the four points. After which the mod kit tape can be removed and the main part of the mod board can be stuck down to the bottom side of the motherboard and the three points can be soldered to the underside of the CN602 connector pins. Alignment does not have to be perfect as there is enough margin of error to account for this. It’s really that simple.


Like the rest of the PlayStation reset mod line, controller combination L2+R2+START+SELECT held together will short reset the console. If using a PSIO this will return the console back to the game select menu for some seriously lazy game browsing.

Flex PCBs from

X-Reset 750X is designed for flex PCB which is very costly to produce. It would not have been possible for me to get these made without the help of PCBWay in sponsoring this mod. So a big thank you to PCBWay for the help. I had my heart set on black flex and PCBWay was the best option for getting this done after looking at dozens of other PCB manufacturers.

Quality of the PCB is good. The shape and finish of the cutting is perfect to my design and the tiny solder cups look secure. My only niggle being the silk layer quality being a little on the low resolution side and a little wonky, but I have come to expect this from anything other than very expensive silk screened PCBs.

Images above show the quality of the PCB. Last image is showing the PCBWay flex as compared to the yellow prototype from OSHPark. I would suggest if you are getting flex PCBs made for a design that is just an overlay mod for a 90’s games console to go for the largest flex PCB thickness available. I chose the thinnest thickness which was a mistake as they are very delicate, but they should still hold up well and are perfectly fit for purpose. I would just have better peace of mind with a thicker version next time. I ordered them based on the number provided from OSHPark when I ordered the prototype and was expecting the same thickness, but the PCBWay PCB is ultra thin so be mindful of this if ordering any flex PCBs from PCBWay.

Check out PCBWay here

X-Reset 750X can be ordered from the following link

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